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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wedding hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2008 by Hairstyles & Haircuts Summer 2008

Unlike bride in the 20th century who could wear anything and hairstyle never matters to her, the bride of 2008 needs a lot of time to decide which hairstyle is right for her wedding day so that she could feel her guests knock out at the wedding.

Prom Hairstyles: Sexy Swept Curly Hairstyle

Everyone know Leona Lewis is such a strong, powerful female and she’s got a strong presence in the music industry and she’s got great music.

Not only that, she also has a great style too. Leona Lewis rocked the 2009 MTV EMAs red carpet with a sexy side swept hairstyle, featuring lots of curly texture pulled over her shoulder.

This hairstyle is really rock for Prom night, not to highlight about all the benefits of of this hairstyle.

Side curly prom hairstyle on long hair don't require much of a commitment as they can be worn in several ways. Side curly hairstyle can be brushed to one side, held in place with a headband or barrette, or even pulled back as part of a high ponytail if they are relatively long.

Monday, February 27, 2012

hair style

Prom simple hairstyles

Simple hair styles don’t have to be boring! There are many simple hairstyles that can be created within a matter of minutes that have a high excitement level and can create quite an impact, for a hairstyle that has been…

the quality

Blogger Yard Sale that held by 5 Indonesian fashion bloggers was a cool event. They totally make a great deal with their pre-owned and some new wardrobe.
Met some new friends and bought a cute batik top from kak Diana Rikasari 's booth (Y)
Good crowd, cool stuffs and congratulations for you guys !

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the sweetest couple ever :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prom Hairstyle: Lisa Rinna Prom Hairstyle

Most girls dream about prom as often as they dream about their wedding. You got your prom dress, shoes and all the necessary accessories for this prom night, and now wonder what prom hairstyle to wear on this important night. Why not think out of the box this time with Lisa Rinna Sassy Prom Hairstyle.

Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle is the epitome of the popular sassy and tousled look. Here we’ll tell you how her hair is cut and how to style your hair to look just like hers.

1. Cut this hairstyle for both fine and thick hair. Curly hair or hair with slight natural wave that can be blown dry straight will be easiest to style like Lisa Rinna’s.

2. Leave top layers longer so you can smooth them towards the front. This cut will work best if it is done via a razor cut to get that choppy feel to it. If the layers are too blunt they won’t blend and move as well.

3. Leave the bangs long (below the eyebrows) and wear them piece-y but full on the forehead.

4. Cut the sides with a razor but shorter than the top layers. The sides should be roughly to the bottom of the ear.

5. Cut the back to where the top of the shoulders meet your neck. This too is cut via a razor so you can create that sexy flip.

6. Apply a smoothing serum to towel dried hair to style your hair like Lisa Rinna. Be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair. Using a wide toothed comb to comb the hair after applying the product helps get it everywhere.

7. Using a flat brush, start at the crown of your head and blow dry your hair forward and slightly to one side. Don’t create a definite part—this style relies on a messy and tousled look for its charm.

8. Wear the bangs super smooth and full across the forehead. You can sweep them slightly to one side if full bangs aren’t your thing.

9. Blow dry the sides down and slightly flipped back. Let the ends of your layers spike out a bit. You don’t want your sides too smooth or they won’t match the tousled look of the top.

10. Focus at the back of your hair to get some volume at the back of your head and have the hair smooth down and taper into your neck. Flick the bottom layers out by placing the brush on top of your hair and giving your wrist a twist so the hair wraps around the brush and flips up. A quick shot of cool air from your blow drier will help set the flip.

11.Use a flat iron to smooth any areas that aren’t behaving. Heat up the flat iron (hotter for thick hair, less for fine hair) and smooth sections as needed. Start at the roots of the section of hair and enclose the hair in the flat iron plates. Slowly glide the flat iron to the ends of the section and let that piece of hair cool. Repeat as needed.

12. Coax a flip like the one in Lisa’s Rinna’s hairstyle by using a flat iron to smooth a small section of hair as you would to straighten it. The trick to the flip is once you get close to the ends of the hair twist your wrist up and pull the hair out slightly from the head as you glide through the last couple of inches of hair. Let the hair cool before touching it again.

13. Finish up this hairstyle by rubbing a small amount of styling wax through your hair to separate the layers and add definition. Place hair as you want it with your fingers and give your hair a light spray with a medium hold hairspray.

Prom Hairstyle Tips:-
You can view yourself with Lisa Rinna's hairstyle with virtual hairstyle makeover software at

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In House Therapy

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Contain the pastel and basic colour, Retail Therapy new collection is extremelly gorgeous.
Playfull, soft and of course ready to wear.
You should add their collection into your closet !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Darkness Inside Mind

Fear The Demon
 See No Demon
 Speak No Demon
 Hear No Demon
Just Go With The Demon's Grip
And Now, Ignite The Demon Inside You!
DARKNESS INSIDE MIND, the newest Retail Therapy collection! In the moment of halloween, Retail Therapy's concept is all about the dark into your mind. You can see a lot of good quality and fierce stuffs that basically very different from their previous collection. Scary and fun for all the girls , i guess thats the 2 main things in my darkness mind that Retail Therapy want to represent in this collection. Pick the stuffs, forget the demons and have some fun!

The BEST from all the best :


So here they are my current random favorite rings


Sukarno Urban Bust

Bertepatan dengan perayaan Sumpah Pemuda, pada tanggal 26 Oktber 2011 lalu, Daniel Mananta selaku founder DAMN! I Love Indonesia meluncurkan sebuah produk hasil kerjasama dengan Win Satrya,  seorang profesional urban toys artist. Dimana produk ini diharapkan mampu menumbuhkan semangat partriotik dan nasionalis para kaum muda serta untuk memperlihatkan keindahan, keunikan, keajaiban yang dimiliki oleh karya-karya yang diciptakan bangsa Indonesia kepada dunia internasional. 

Dalam produk ini sosok Sukarno dipilih karena ia merupakan seorang pemimpin yang berkharisma, bijaksana, berani, dan mampu mengangkat nama baik Indonesia yang baru saja merdeka ke permukaan internasional. Semangat untuk mempromosikan Indonesia kepada dunia internasional yang dimiliki oleh Sukarno ini sama dengan semangat yang diusung oleh DAMN! I Love Indonesia, selaku local clothing line ternama di negeri ini. Kesamaan semangat dan misi itulah yang menginspirasi DAMN! I Love Indonesia untuk meluncurkan produk kreatif ini. 

Spesifikasi Produk :
Tinggi: 18 Inci. Berat: 5,1 kg. Dimensi (3D): 44 cm x 26,5 cm x 67,5 cm.Volum: 13,2 kg

Sukarno Urban Bust adalah vinyl bust berbentuk presiden pertama Republik Indonesia Bapak Ir. Sukarno yang dibentuk dengan rinci dan berkualitas penuh oleh bakat-bakat muda Indonesia. Terbuat dari tanah liat yang mulanya dibentuk dari 2D dan kemudian dikembangkan menjadi 3D dengan kemampuan para pematung terbaik di Indonesia. Sukarno Urban Bust ini dilengkapi sejumlah detail menarik dimana seluruh proses pembuatannya didesign di Indonesia. Selain itu setiap pembelian Sukarno Urban Bust akan mendapatkan sertifikat legalisasi produk dari pendiri label DAMN! I Love Indonesia beserta ketua Yayasan Bung Karno, tulisan tangan dan foto-foto Sukarno yang belum pernah dipublikasikan.

Pada awalnya produk ini hanya tersedia dalam warna perak dan emas, keduanya merupakan edisi terbatas dengan masing-masing hanya berjumlah 250 buah. Namun dengan maksud untuk menghidupkan, menguatkan dan lebih menyebarkan nasionalisme dan patriotisme lewat cara yang urban maka DAMN! I Love Indonesia meluncurkan Damn Supra Color Limited Edition Sukarno Urban Bust.

Damn Supra Color Limited Edition Sukarno Urban Bust itu sendiri merupakan seri terbaru dari Sukarno Urban Bust yang tersedia dalam 2 warna baru yaitu magenta dan lime green. Dimana Damn Supra Color Limited Edition Sukarno Urban Bust merupakan edisi sangat terbatas dari Sukarno Urban Bust karena masing-masing warna hanya tersedia 150 buah dan telah didistribusikan ke seluruh dunia. Kreatif produk ini dirancang oleh DAMN! I Love Indonesia diharapkan mampu mengajak generasi muda Indonesia untuk  lebih mencintai Indonesia melalui cara-cara yang bisa lebih diterima oleh generasi muda penerus bangsa. 

Semoga semangat dan langkah DAMN! I Love Indonesia untuk meciptakan berbagai produk kreatif yang mampu mengaharumkan nama Indonesia di dunia internasional dan juga membangkitkan kecintaan generasi muda kepada bangsa ini tidak berhenti sampai disini. You really did a great job dear DAMN! I Love Indonesia.

Produk Sukarno Limited Edition Urban Bust ini bisa didapatkan di seluruh toko DAMN! I Love Indonesia : Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, FX, dan Grand City Surabaya. Tersedia dalam jumlah yang terbatas dan memiliki 4 pilihan warna : perak, emas, magenta dan lime green.

Atika, DAMN! I Love Indonesia.

Friday, February 17, 2012

UI Fashion Week Pre-Event

UI Fashion Week is a fashion event held by students from each faculty in University of Indonesia. UI Fashion Week is the perfect chance for young designers, models, runway front rowers, and all fashion junkies to sparkle together under one goal : bringing new fashion talents to a higher level of wider competition. UI Fashion Week is devided into two main programs, the pre-event and event’s day. The main event will be held around July 2012 and the pre-event is still going on right now.

So here's the schedule for PRE-EVENT UI Fashion Week, so hopefully you wont miss the chance anymore:

UI Fashion Week Make Up & Beauty Class
Feb 17th 2012 at Ruang Sidang Terapung Perpustakaan Pusat UI
with Harumi Sudrajat (founder of My Tips Cantik)

We will talk a lot about how to Applying Beauty Everyday and the speaker will give you make-up and hair do tips to be apply in your everyday style. 

UI Fashion Week Hijab Class
Feb 18th 2012 at Ruang Sidang Terapung Perpustakaan Pusat UI
with Fitri Aulisa (owner of KIVITZ) as the speaker.

For all Hijabers, we will give you the hijab tutorial during this session. 

UI Fashion Week Fashion Seminar
Feb 25th 2012 at Auditorium Perpustakaan Pusat Universitas Indonesia, 6th floor

Under the theme of "Fashion Industry & Bring Batik to Modernity" we will talk about fashion industry in a lot perspective.
Session 1 (10.00-13.00 WIB)
Fashion Media - Zornia Harisantoso, Editor-in-Chief of Grazia Indonesia
How to Survive in Fashion Industry - Barli Asmara, Designer
Fashion for Youth - Dana Maulana, Designer
Session 2 (13.30-16.00 WIB)
Bring Batik to Modernity -- Ichwan Thoha, Designer
Eco-fashion -- Nina Nikicio, Designer
with Bethanny Putri (young&talented fashion blogger) as the moderator. 

UI Fashion Week Fashion Photography Seminar & Workshop by NYLON Magazine
March 3rd 2012 at Auditorium Pusat Studi Jepang UI
with Anindya Devy (fashion & beauty editor) & Tiara Puspita (beauty editor)

Follow @UIFASHIONWEEK, like their facebook page here and visit their official website to know more about this cool event. And do follow @UIFWTIX for ticket pricing and how to book.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emo hair Styles

Emo hair and face:

- painted or naturally black hair should be cut off exactly on half of forehead. It is better to make thick bang. Put some flocks ahead and some side curls on ears and behind;
- whiskers are needed anyway;
- hair should better be disheveled and stuck out in different ways;
- hair on the nape should be also tousled and raised;
- the best variant is to cut off hair shortly enough in a back part of the head and then make
some thorns with help of gel;
- you can add some purple colour to your bang. The bang hangs down, closing one eye, and reaches a cheek;
- almost white face, with pale lips, which are almost the same tone as the skin, brightly coloured eyes. It is even possible to make some black paths from the imaginary cosmetics washed away by tears on the face. And it is possible to add the teardrops drawn with a black pencil .

Curly Hairstyles

Styling Curly Prom Hairstyles

trendy hair styles

trendy hairstyles

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