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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hairstyles Pixie Cut

Pixie cut 2011 - 2012 - the perfect hair style modern fire for girls and women. So far, women have an enviable crop reduction or reduction of staff gentlemen. They do not have another reason to be jealous because their own hair style is short here. After a short modern style and it seems very familiar. It is easy to wear a hair style or even regular brushing is required to maintain this pattern. You're right, girls and ladies, and I'm talking about pixie cut.

This is a super short hair style and will add appeal to your personality. Another great feature of this style of poetry is that it will make you look younger. You will get compliments from all your near and dear to you will look smarter. Will your personality along with the change of hair style.

The popular pixie cut from the famous silver screen actress Audrey Hepburn. It has been recently with titles such as the goddess of the silver screen more fashionable. Between representatives of the new generation silver screen, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone also sport this style of modern poetry. Pop singer Rihanna flaunts this style hair with skill. Nowadays, all the actresses all over the world are moving in this hip and cool hair style.

If you are thinking of cutting a messed up then you should consult a specialist, professional hair and efficiency, or hairdresser. This pattern may seem easy to achieve but it is not. Will have to hair stylist cutting hair in a way that it will look asymmetrical. Cut the hair while the style is not easy, very easy to maintain style. Before going out all you need to do is put a little ointment or gel on your hair and then brush it lightly. Even if you do not want to run a comb through your hair, you simply need to run your fingers through your hair, your hair will be released within a few seconds.



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