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Friday, November 25, 2011

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina visited his hometown in Georgia with tears. The tornado hit by 4 May and damaged homes near the town sent its Rossville.

According to her mother Lorraine was trying to get her composure after seeing the Valley of Cherokee Baptist Church. The visit was part of the return of American Idol.

"These people do not need to see someone crying. They need to see people smiling."

In the visit, he met Lauren an child of the 11-year old named Tyler, who was thrown 200 meters away from his family home laptop, but I managed to find and comfort family members, including his brother, Connor, 8-year and 10 months of age, Ryder.

Unfortunately, Tyler lost his grandfather. His mother, who was 11 of pregnancy and lost the child, and is now in the hospital. An infant brother, also in the intensive care unit of the brain hemorrhage, and two arms and a broken leg.



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