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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prom Hairstyle: Lisa Rinna Prom Hairstyle

Most girls dream about prom as often as they dream about their wedding. You got your prom dress, shoes and all the necessary accessories for this prom night, and now wonder what prom hairstyle to wear on this important night. Why not think out of the box this time with Lisa Rinna Sassy Prom Hairstyle.

Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle is the epitome of the popular sassy and tousled look. Here we’ll tell you how her hair is cut and how to style your hair to look just like hers.

1. Cut this hairstyle for both fine and thick hair. Curly hair or hair with slight natural wave that can be blown dry straight will be easiest to style like Lisa Rinna’s.

2. Leave top layers longer so you can smooth them towards the front. This cut will work best if it is done via a razor cut to get that choppy feel to it. If the layers are too blunt they won’t blend and move as well.

3. Leave the bangs long (below the eyebrows) and wear them piece-y but full on the forehead.

4. Cut the sides with a razor but shorter than the top layers. The sides should be roughly to the bottom of the ear.

5. Cut the back to where the top of the shoulders meet your neck. This too is cut via a razor so you can create that sexy flip.

6. Apply a smoothing serum to towel dried hair to style your hair like Lisa Rinna. Be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair. Using a wide toothed comb to comb the hair after applying the product helps get it everywhere.

7. Using a flat brush, start at the crown of your head and blow dry your hair forward and slightly to one side. Don’t create a definite part—this style relies on a messy and tousled look for its charm.

8. Wear the bangs super smooth and full across the forehead. You can sweep them slightly to one side if full bangs aren’t your thing.

9. Blow dry the sides down and slightly flipped back. Let the ends of your layers spike out a bit. You don’t want your sides too smooth or they won’t match the tousled look of the top.

10. Focus at the back of your hair to get some volume at the back of your head and have the hair smooth down and taper into your neck. Flick the bottom layers out by placing the brush on top of your hair and giving your wrist a twist so the hair wraps around the brush and flips up. A quick shot of cool air from your blow drier will help set the flip.

11.Use a flat iron to smooth any areas that aren’t behaving. Heat up the flat iron (hotter for thick hair, less for fine hair) and smooth sections as needed. Start at the roots of the section of hair and enclose the hair in the flat iron plates. Slowly glide the flat iron to the ends of the section and let that piece of hair cool. Repeat as needed.

12. Coax a flip like the one in Lisa’s Rinna’s hairstyle by using a flat iron to smooth a small section of hair as you would to straighten it. The trick to the flip is once you get close to the ends of the hair twist your wrist up and pull the hair out slightly from the head as you glide through the last couple of inches of hair. Let the hair cool before touching it again.

13. Finish up this hairstyle by rubbing a small amount of styling wax through your hair to separate the layers and add definition. Place hair as you want it with your fingers and give your hair a light spray with a medium hold hairspray.

Prom Hairstyle Tips:-
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