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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Naruto Wallpaper: Haruno Sakura 1

With winter coming soon I thought that this Naruto Wallpaper was quite appropriate since we have Haruno Sakura dressed up in a cape like garment to protect her from the elements. The text used towards the bottom-right corner is simply white which is quite bland but it is quite striking in contrast with the darker background. If you move your vision to the right side there are five mini squares, each in which there is an image of Haruno Sakura. This adds a difference to this Naruto Wallpaper, simple but it's big enough to make it stand out.

The images of Haruno Sakura behind are blended in to a good degree but I don't think the shadow behind the Haruno Sakura render on the left does the wallpaper much good. Overall it is a well thought out Naruto Wallpaper with good renders.



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